How do i begin when talking to girls?

Question by Drogba/Nick Jonas 2nd: How do i begin when talking to girls?
When talking to girls, i’m finding it difficult with what to say: my name or flirt with them.

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Answer by Katrinuhz.
Just say whatever. They probably won’t care xD
A vary, possibly? It depends what type of girl they are. If they’re shy/quiet, start with your name, and if they’re loud and outgoing, flirtflirtflirt. xD

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  1. just act normal approach to her tell her she looks pretty today,or:i like your hair,did you do something knew to it?!:),or just go to her,and say your name,and then ask her about her if u didn’t knew her name,lolz=p,and say i really like you and would you go out with me tonight?!,girls
    love guys who have the guts to approach them and ask them on a date,and then when they say no they will ask u themselves!:),gd luck pal

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