How do I become more comfortable with talking with girls?

Question by Simon: How do I become more comfortable with talking with girls?
I’m mainly talking about girls I rarely talk to and that I wanna approach as a potential date/girlfriend. I’m 17 and have never had a girlfriend. Advice?

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Answer by LIL. MISS ALTITUDE◕‿-♛
Just be yourself and get out of your confort zone. The worst that can happen is a no. I think you shouldn’t try to push yourself to something that isn’t staying true to yourself. You still have a lot of time so dont rush things. I think that you need to just walk up to that person and just say hi. Take a chance and you might end up liking what you have found.

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  1. all it really takes is confidence in yourself, no girl will find you attractive if you don’t find yourself attractive. another thing, get a hobby, something that you can talk about so you’ll always have something to talk about. also ask a lot of questions, girls love when you talk about them more than yourself. a good conversation starter is to compliment them on their outfit or their makeup or whatever. the most important rule though is honesty. Once you get into a conversation it becomes a lot easier. good luck.

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