How do I ask this girl to be my girlfriend?

Question by : How do I ask this girl to be my girlfriend?
It has been confirmed through text that this girl likes me and I def like her. I am going to prom with her in June. That’s too far away to ask her then. It has to be soon…like tomorrow. I wanna know how I ask her to be my girlfriend. Don’t give me that cliche s*** either…just ask her blah blah blah. Stfu and give me a real answer. HOW do I ask her.

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Answer by Clayton
It will be awkward, but you should just start talking to her like usual and then just be like, so you know I really like you right? then whatever she says just be like, so I wanted to know if you wanted to be my girlfriend? And that’s it good luck

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  1. Surprise her at school with a rose. Have a more attached asking her to join you for a picnic this weekend. Sign the card with your name. Secret admirer is bs at this point.

  2. Sooo, you asked her to prom.
    There’s a start!
    Now, if she has a car you could write on her car windows with window paint, ” _(her name here)_, would you be my girlfriend? -(yournamehere)”
    If you know where she lives do the old throw a pebble at her window trick and ask her out. It sounds cheesy but almost every girl wants that to happen sometime.
    You could call her (NOT TEXT DO NOTTTT TEXT IT) and be like “Soooo, I have a question for you.” and she’ll be like what? and be like “Wanna date?” or something
    If you see her at school tomorrow slip a note in her locker or give her a dozen roses with a note!
    All I know is you should do it. NOW

  3. take her aside in the hall way and start a small conversation. say “will you go out with me?” sometime right before she says she needs to get to class.

    *most* girls don’t care how you ask them to be your girlfriend, its just the fact that you DO ask her that matters.

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