How do I ask this girl out?

Question by Someon: How do I ask this girl out?
Okay so ive had a crush on this girl since junior year in high school. We never talked until one day we met on facebook. Then we hang out one day it all went fine. I think i may have ruined it with my texting, Its just i suck at texting girls I never know what to text about or anything. So we stopped talking.
I want to ask her if she would go to a New Years Eve concert with me. Id like to just tell her straight up everything but i dont know or maybe its not a good idea too i just dont know. Well any advice?????????????

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Answer by The Chaos Alchemist
Just be yourself! If she likes you, you’ll be able to feel it.

Use your feelings, young Skywalker.

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  1. You should definitely go for it, she probably didn’t get to know you very well through texting and didn’t know where you stood. So making this step will definitely make her reconsider your relationship, that way you can start fresh. Furthermore, that’s such a great New Year’s present and a great way to start the year. Best of Luck!

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