How do I ask a girl for her phone number?

Question by Miguel Ortega: How do I ask a girl for her phone number?
I really want to text this one girl who’s hella hot that sits next to me but I’m one of those really shy people. How do I do it? I don’t know how to start the convo and she’s my friend

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Answer by Jim
First off, if you use phrases such as ‘hella hot’, you’re probably not going to do well with women.

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  1. you dont have to ask……get your phone spin around 3 times then stop, then lay on the ground for exactly 23 Mississippi seconds, then get up throw your phone as hard as you can at the wall, go get some chocolate cake and eat 7/8 of the cake, then throw the last piece at the first person you see, then get your phone and her number should be in your contacts then just text her

  2. You’re shy, but she’s your friend? That’s kind of a contradiction there sonny boy. Just get the freakin’ digits! Ain’t that hard you know, just be like “Hey, what’s your cell phone number so I can keep annoying you.” But laugh and act like you’re joking. It works.

  3. Getting the number is easy, but what are you going to do once you have it and you are to shy to start a conversation with your friend now.??

    “Hey, I gotta go, but I’ll text you later this afternoon. What’s your number?”

  4. y’all are friend yet you don’t have each others numbers ?

    okay well for one this is coming from a female

    lose the comments like halla hot an some slang like you a thug
    real females hate guys that come off like there it

    how do you do it
    you can always give her your number instead of her giving hers to you
    an you can say if you ever wanna talk /chat then you can call or text me
    i would not just go an ask her straight out that’s putting her on the spot an nobody wants that
    give her your number so then it becomes a options

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