How do girls text guys they like?

Question by Albert: How do girls text guys they like?
How do you girls text a guy when you like him? What are some signs that you show to give him to hint that you like him? How do you flirt with him? I ask because I’m pretty sure that a girl is doing that with me and I want to see if she does any of the things you mention.

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  1. i can’t really explain it, i guess the guy will just know. But if you think so then get to know the girl better.
    Good Luck:D

  2. Uhhmmm…
    -Smiley face, winkey faces, lots of faces…
    – Tries to keep the conversation flowing
    – sounds interested in everything.
    – she may or may not use too much text lingo, depends on the girl
    – might say ‘hehe’ or ‘heehee’

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