How could my husband leave his 15 month old son and pregnant wife?

Question by Natalie: How could my husband leave his 15 month old son and pregnant wife?
At 19 weeks pregnant my husband told me he was leaving. I found out a week later he had already had a new girlfriend, supposedly since the night he left, although phone records tell a different story. He pushed to have this 2nd baby, we were even trying to buy a house while he was texting this girl. What could cause such a crazy change? He can’t even see that having the girlfriend is wrong!!!
I do have a lawyer and have already served him with divorce papers, he was angry that I am “making the divorce move too fast”

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Answer by fifthwheel948
Get a lawyer and start the proceedings. I am deeply sorry for your troubles,

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  1. Consider it that you dodged a bullet by not having to deal with this creep for longer than you did since he really did not love you the way you want to be loved. Learn to spot the red flags and good luck on the next go round.

  2. Thats just dirty. Take out a warrant for his arrest on child abandonment, and put him on child support. You can’t make him come back, thats something he’ll have to want to do on his own. But hopefully you have good friends and family who can help you with your new baby.

  3. People do crazy things for reasons we will never know. Contact a lawyer, and do your best to raise the children to the best of your abilities despite the pain and issues your husband has caused you.

  4. i cant imagine any spouse who commits adultery loves the person they are married to, because that is not true love.
    besides that he doesn’t like your body pregnant, i don’t know why he would push to have another child when he is well aware he will pay 18 yrs for it.

  5. Because he didn’t have a right to put the baby up for adoption or abort it like you do. In fact, if it was really “equal” he would be able to take the baby and just “drop” it off at the local hospital and walk away scott free, and the two faced idiots here are telling you to get a lawyer and take him to the bank….what are you? A misandrist?

  6. His girlfriend is the least of your worries. First you have biblical grounds for divorce. Then go and apply if necessary for assistance from social services and that includes taking your husband to court for child support for two kids. Stick it to him. Money he makes must go first to your kids. Take care of yourself. When they are in school, you go back to school and learn something new, work if you can, do what you must and stay happy around your kids. you have to be strong for them – Okay? Be strong for them. If you join a church you can get help spiritually, emotionally and sometimes financially. Keep God close to you and things will work out. Dont let him stress you out. Also important. Take pregnancy vitamins. They are stronger than other vitamins and keep stress away, they keep you strong and healthy. Im really sorry about what has happened and I hope you find the strength to do what you need to do. God Bless..

  7. thats ignorant– when ur baby is born –take his ass to court— he wants his cake and eat it too—a selfish move dude!!!– good luck hun

  8. Natalie, this man has to be mentally sick! To have one “baby”, another one on the way, talking about buying a house, AND nothing wrong with having a girlfriend?!?! This is just not the way any “normal” man would be even thinking. AND, to find out he did all this while having someone else on the side?! Nothing normal about him whatsoever! You can’t do all he’s done against you & not have it all come back around against him. At some point in time it ALL will come back around at him. For now sue for child support & soon he’ll be paying for two. With his warped way of thinking, I’d want no parts of him again. Don’t accept the unacceptable, you’re better than that. One day you WILL find happiness. The past is forever gone, but the future is still our own. Hold on to that promise….the best to you, honey…:)

  9. This man is not the man you think he is.

    Only a man who is rotten to the core would do this, and in such spectacular fashion. Only a man who has no soul would:

    A) Push for another baby while seeing someone else on the side;

    B) Tell you that he’s leaving after you become pregnant;

    C) Have the temerity to tell you that the divorce is happening too fast.

    He has massively huge, clanking, elephant balz to say that to you, and to mean it.

    How could he do it? Because he’s slightly psychotic, and I think that you should start thinking of him as HER PROBLEM now. This cheating, lying, dirtbag aszhole is now HERS to deal with, and since you’ve already gotten an attorney, I hope that they’re really good at what they do and that you nail this faithless slob to the wall.

    I wish you the best of everything, hon

  10. It is to bad that this is becoming a very common thing in our society today, people have no morals dignity love or respect for the Intuition of marriage. They get married start a family and no sooner than they see another pretty face or some A$ $ they disregard the all their responsibilities. You had every right to get that lawyer and start the process. I would get everything I could he showed you what commitment and marriage mean to him. That little fairytale he is living with that skank will eventually come back to haunt him.

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