how come not all guys talk about girls?

Question by Adidas: how come not all guys talk about girls?
most guys in my class really get into conversations and act excited when its about hot girls and its hilarious but theres some guys who just go all quiet and zone out whenever we talk about girls
in fact ive never heard them say a single thing about hot girls before and they hardly talk with girls either
why are they so hard to talk to?

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Answer by Jennifer
well i think they are shy

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5 thoughts on “how come not all guys talk about girls?”

  1. because they are not pigs. or they do not have an interest in the girl that is being talked about. i ignore my friends because they only talk about white girls.

  2. Maybe because guys are often better with other guys. I personally don’t realy know the answer to this question. I’m 27 and I still am having trouble figuring guys out, lol.


  3. who knows, ask them?
    maybe they don’t know what to say, are nervous…
    if they feel uncomfortable talking to you guys about girls then they’d probably be super uncomfortbale talking to girls
    so make them talk and be nice
    coz girls are nice too =)

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