How can I tell if she likes me?

Question by That-Kid: How can I tell if she likes me?
I have been texting this girl for about an hour at night for the past 2 days and I think she may like me. She always ‘lol’s at what I say and things like that. How can I show her that I like her, but not be too straight-forward. Maybe work in some random compliments next time?

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Answer by MATT
1.Assume that she likes you. By doing this, you portray confidence (make sure it’s cocky and funny). In this case, the truth will come out sooner or later

2.Let her know that you like her in her language and to the degree with which she is both comfortable and ready to understand. Be prepared to accept that she may not be ready to believe you or your feelings yet (or hers for that matter)

3.Don’t look “too easy,” as this usually presents a weak image. The more that is earned the more respect that is given and strength that is acknowledged. The second she thinks she’s got you wrapped around her finger, you’re done

4.Engage her in relationship-based topics and activities. Make positive personal connections. Accomplish things together

5.Share your values in word or in action. Find out what her values are. Recognize common values without being too obvious.

6.Ask yourself what you might do if you knew she liked you. Might you kiss her? Might you be more physically touchy? If you want her to admit she likes you, chances are you know she does…so act like you know it!

7.Let her speak with her eyes or her actions (or in other ways). Some people are not good with words and you may find that the message that you are looking is already being broadcast clearly in an unexpected form.

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