How can I tell if a girl likes me?

Question by David: How can I tell if a girl likes me?
I’ve been texting this girl for a month and we get along very well. But I don’t know how to tell if she likes me.

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Answer by T
i dont no

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4 thoughts on “How can I tell if a girl likes me?”

  1. i she plays with her hair in front of you that does NOT indicate it. girls have long hair they play with it alllllll the time. if she texts u a lot then i suppose yeah

  2. just ask her if she does and it will probly make her less nervous if u tell her that u like her too.

    i say you should be the one to text her first, girls like that.. 🙂 good luck


  3. Hard to know even for us . You should ask her directly if you want to know.

    If you don’t dare to do so , then maybe time will tell you when the time comes for you.

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