How can I talk to more girls?

Question by : How can I talk to more girls?
hi,….i’m 15 and im in the youth group at my church and we activities (like swimming) and when we have girls come…I’m always scared to talk to them…lol.

i’ve never been very good at talking to girls…i’m kinda shy but I want them to feel welcome when they come to our church.

how can I talk to girls? what should I say after “hi”? should I offer my hand? what are some things to talk about? is it okay to say a compliment like “you look nice today?”

any other advice?


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Answer by ellyn3939
If they’re in their swimsuit, i don’t think you should say “you look nice today” lol

but just smile at them and ask how they are and such…

Maybe a topic will spring up and you have a conversation!

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  1. Talk to them like you would anyone else. Don’t treat them like an alien, or go out of your way to talk to them just because they’re a girl. Just talk to them like it’s a normal conversation. Don’t force it either.

  2. You could start by talking to ugly girls or try to imagine them as your friends (guys). You could practice by talking in the mirror. Take deep breath. Be calm. Talk slowly but not too slow like at a normal rate. Don’t say uhh.. umm.. huh?. Good luck! XP

    Best question to a girl is “How was your day?”

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