How can I talk to girls and get a girlfriend?

Question by Mike Elda: How can I talk to girls and get a girlfriend?
Hi, I’m 14, and i’m a freshman…I am trying to get a girlfriend. Can somebody give me advice on talking to girls…everytime I talk it seems like an interrogation/interview,and getting/keeping a girl?

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Answer by Nikita K
Talk to her like if she was one of your guy friends. Just dont talk about your balls or cars and you should be fine.

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  1. Just be cool, don’t talk to them like you’re getting facts out of a snapple bottle. Just talk to them like they’re people.

  2. dont set out looking for a girlfriend because you will get discouraged easily. find a girl that you have an intrest in and taLK TO her!
    just talk to her like your trying to impress her but dont make it obvious. get her number!!

  3. I just turned 17 last month and I know what that is like. I bet you it happens to everyone. Talk about something you like and seems like a good topic. A good way is starting with a friend. Get a guy friend and go near the girl you like. talk to the guy about something then ask her something about her. That is a good way to start something up. Hope I helped you out, GOOD LUCK BRO

  4. if you like them, talk to them like she were a normal person
    or one of your guy buds

    but dont just try to get a girlfriend just because everyone else has one
    or because you want one
    you have to like the person or else the relationship is going to be a disaster

  5. talk to shy girls!
    they probably feel the same way,
    and over time you’ll both start to get comfortable talking to eachother
    it will help you realize that girls aren’t that hard to talk to.

    hope i helped 🙂

  6. Have an actual conversation with her. Dont ask a bunch of questions. Talk about a band you both like, or a movie. Anything.
    And besides, if shes a girl worth being with; then she wont care.

  7. dont go up to her directly.
    grab her attention.
    show ur unique qualities.
    ask about what she thinks of a recent movie or something.
    compare and find common attributes.
    ask if she wants to be ur friend.
    talk more and take it from there..

    and when ur with her.. be different.
    instead of taking her to ur house or movies.
    take her to the park, or bowling, or arcade.

    let her keep getting surprised by u

  8. Start off going easy. don’t rush everything you say, act calm. try not to say anything stupid. once you find a girl you’re interested in, start talking to her more often, text her if she has a cell phone. every once and a while ask her if you want to hang out or something. if she talks to you back, texts you often or asks if you want to hang out, that’s a good sign. keep this going for a while and if she tells you that she likes you or you find out that she does, go ahead and ask her out. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

  9. you need to be open, and confident. if she doesnt agree with something you say, dont think of it negatively. think of it as having something to talk about. also, music is amazing. talk about music, and youll get to know her better than you thought. music=soul. be confident, but NOT cocky-huge turn off. and also, dont be a GET SOME guy. if you really want a relationship that will last, go for the “prude” ones. you’ll earn more respect from her, and other girls. be positive. stay happy, even when your a mess. girls like the strong willed; not just the strong muscles. 🙂 good luck. hope you have fun on the way. remember- It Only Gets Better.

  10. Do you think you’ll be happy if you have the girl? I’m sorry but you are surely mistaken!
    I’ll tell you the Lord loves you. He died on the cross to save your soul, so why not let him take control of your life? If he loves you unconditionally to save you why not let him prosper you and tell others of his truth(Jeremiah 22)? Why not let him strengthen your faith in him? Why not love him to?
    Let him work out your life, and if a girl comes along in your path then it would be on God’s time, not yours! So far, I’m seventeen and haven’t really had a boyfriend but it doesn’t bother me because I have someone else that loves me and challenges my faith!

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