How can I talk and flirt with girls without feeling weird scaring the girl?

Question by chillaxindude007: How can I talk and flirt with girls without feeling weird scaring the girl?
I have trouble talking to girls because I keep worrying that they will perceive me as weird and like a stalker. I’m afraid I’ll weird out a girl if I flirt unless I know them.

How can I flirt without looking like a fool?

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Answer by Victoria
that is not creepy or stalkerish..& always gets my attention in a guy

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7 thoughts on “How can I talk and flirt with girls without feeling weird scaring the girl?”

  1. well, you can start by trying to be nice to her. Later maybe if you get to know her better you may like her and then ask her if she likes u!!!!!!

  2. just don’t say anything dirty or stupid, it’s big turn off for girls. just be sweet and cute and u shuld have it in the bag

  3. go up to them and say something like
    ‘o u look beautiful today’
    dont say like those stupid pick up lines
    trust me, they dont work
    after u say that
    just let thing flow naturally

  4. just be urself. n u dont have to use like pick up lines or anything. but compliments work really well. find something you like about them, walk up to them n point it out. also jokes work=] hope this helps!

  5. One of the most important things is to be relaxed and laid back, don’t over-do it. I would disagree on complimenting how pretty they are right away, try a more friendly approach. My boyfriend won me over by beeing a life of the party and joking/entertaining everyone. Then after a little while he came up and talked to me about nothing in particular, then we danced and the rest is history 🙂

    It would help if you mentioned the kind of atmosphere you are in when you are trying to approach a girl (on the street, in a bar, on a beach?)

  6. Well, as a girl myself, we tend to like when guys flirt. Well, some of us. You can flirt without knowing a girl, it’s perfectly fine. Just don’t overdo it, otherwise most of us feminine genders will slap you so hard you’ll turn gay.
    A little flirting is okay for the first flirt, and if the girl seems interested, you can keep flirting, adding more and more until you ask them out or something.

  7. Don’t be too out there.. A nice wink might do the trick as you are talking to her. Just don’t do it in a creepy way lol (checkin out her booty then winking is a no no) haha. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

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