How can I start talking to girls I like?

Question by RonPaulFan: How can I start talking to girls I like?
I’m a 14 year old guy. I’ve been in high school for 8 months now, and have never started any conversations with girls, especially with girls that I like. I feel that now, after 8 months of not talking to them, if I started now they’d think “who the hell is he?”, or if they knew who I am, “why the hell is he talking to me?” Would they think this? Because it scares me, and that makes me feel even more nervous about talking to girls. So how can I start talking to girls I like?

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Answer by Lancaster
I feel that same way, I usually would go with a pack of friends and talk to her, so she won’t shoo me away so easily.

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  1. if you think the girls are going to think that when you talk to them, maybe you think there to cool..

    well first off find out what girls in your school are into
    try to hang out with them but not as much

    sorry idk what else!

    hope i helped

  2. Pretty easy, be confident. How? Well coming from a guy with a smoking hot girlfriend this is how I did it. I let my older sis take me shopping and pick out clothes she thinks are hot. If you don’t have a sister, take your mom. I go for the button down with white undershirt look now. Just care about how you look and girls will start talking to you. Trust me.

    Ps: I am such a nerd to so anything is possible..

  3. Ok, Mr. Socialist, get out there and socialize with them. Let’s play a game, see how many girls you can meet in one day. Set you goal at 10 girls per day and do this:

    Get there name, phone number and where they live or area they live in. Find out what there pet’s name is and if they have brothers or sisters. Keep notes on each girl. It’s part of learning to date 101. You can start now. If you pay attention, then it gives you more to talk about when you go on a date later.

    1. Walk up and say Hi, I’m_____, what’s your name____?
    2.Ask them if they have a fav. place they eat lunch and could you join them or would they like to join you?
    3.Laugh and smile more. Girls love people who are happy about life. So just act the part.
    4.Fresh breath is key.
    5.Dress nicer, be noticed, and smell good. Here’s a tip, just wear Mitchum Clear Gel, it works and smells real clean.
    6.Get your hair cut in a cool style, if it’s ragged.

    Remember this is all about having fun, so sell all the girls on how much fun they could have with you. There is no rule that states you can only date one girl at a time, so date as many as you want until you find one who fits you best.

    (Have fun, get a book on reading body language).

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