How can I start a text conversation with this girl?

Question by calihoodman: How can I start a text conversation with this girl?
I’m attracted to this girl- whenever I talk to her in person we have good conversations, but I don’t get to see her a lot anymore so right now I just want to talk to her. But whenever I text her the only thing I can think of to start the conversation is homework. And since we don’t have a class together, that’s kind of an issue. Any other suggestions? I’d rather not have to just go down the “hey what’s up?” route if possible…

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Answer by Nick
Ask her on a date

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  1. say hi, hi, whats up, nm u?, form here if the other says not much than your screwed but if you say what youve been doing actually and make it sound fun then it works

  2. Continue the last conversation that you remember. If it was something important and you ask about it, she might think you actually paid attention and you care.

  3. Introduce yourself by saying your name, where your from, be honest of your age, tell her a little 411 about you and start having a good chat.

  4. Try askin what her plans are for the holidays. Most girls like to talk about shopping, and if you can open the conversation with something that interests her, you should be good.

  5. ask her about things in her life – all the things she’s brought up the last few times you talked. she’ll love it if you are interested in her and remember things that are important to her 🙂 then mention that you should catch up and stuff and as long as she has some social skills she can help continue the convo and you go along with it 🙂

  6. well you can complement her and then if you dont really know her like that get to know her ask the basic questions. trust me. if she likes you she will enjoy sharing things with you

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