How can I spice up this texting conversation?

Question by How can I spice up this texting conversation?
Well i text this girl that I like about every other/ every few days. It usually goes hey-hi-whats up-watching tv hbu-not much

Then i feel like I have to keep asking questions to keep it going. So how can i spice it up a bit and maybe flirt a little? I’m 17 she’s 16.

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Answer by Erica
tell him u want to blow him or that you’re very kinky

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  1. Dude I have the exact same problem I’m 17 and she’s 16. What I do is ask her how her day was, and what is she doing this weekend etc. There’s nothing really much else you can do unless she starts asking you questions. Which usually doesn’t happen with me. But I wish you luck.

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