How can I not be nervous talking to girls?

Question by Max: How can I not be nervous talking to girls?
I’m in 10th grade and I get very nervous talking to girls it took everything I had just to ask a girl I like a question about school. I’ll answer your question just ask me to thanks.

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Answer by Nora
Girls are acually not that scary haha . its just in your head . you think all girls are scary but they arnt ! Girls are so nice and kind and awsome to talk to haha ( well most girls ) You should just talk to girls treat them as a guy ! they are normal , i know they seem all scary and stuff but girls are just guys on the inside if that makes sence . girls are people too , dont be scared to talk to girls lol . good luck on talking to them . 🙂 Just look at them as another guy and be normal and dont stress yourself when you talk to them .

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  1. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to start talking to girls in order to become better at talking to girls. Start out by talking to the more approachable ones; the ones who are nice and bubbly but you don’t want to date, and then move your way up from there. Just get out of your comfort zone and start talking. Your face might turn red, your palms become sweaty, but the response will be a positive one unless she’s really not in the mood to talk.

    I was in the same boat as you merely a year ago (i’m in 11th grade) and i can’t believe how nervous i was for no reason! They’re just people like you and me.

  2. I actually have the opposite problem I can be nervous when I see a girl but when I or she talks to me it's like I go into alpha mode and I act all calm and cool and have had some girls that try to talk to me not try again because they thought I wasn't interested…. I guess they expected a more excited or happy type of reaction…

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