How can I make this girl chase me?

Question by : How can I make this girl chase me?
I’ve always been the one to chase the girls and I end up getting too emotional too early or clIngy. I want the girl to go after me instead of me putting in all the effort. I’ve been texting this girl lately and so far I got her attention by not texting her for a while and then she gets excited when I do text her. Am I doing ok. What else should I do to make her like me more?

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Answer by Pieman
write down her license plate, show it to her and drive off. make an affectionate compliment to her, then walk off

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  1. I’m old fashioned. I think guys should make the first move . That’s how we know your really interested in us. ^_^ If you don’t ask her out, then she’ll just move on, BYe Bye,

  2. Well you don’t want to play the hard to get kinda thing because she may eventually think you are uninterested… thats what happened with me and it turns out the guy was still completely interested. So I say ignore the whole “let her chase me” and just be yourself, trust me girls will like that MUCH MUCH better! Best of wishes :))

  3. flirt a little with another girl, oh man if that doesn’t get them riled up, then you know for sure whether she wants you or not because she will get more aggressive in pursuing you, maybe even a little mean and crazy >:)

  4. Steal her purse? That has worked for me several times. Just make sure you can run faster than her. I hope this helped, huh? Oh and be yourself, is a good advise. And try that “talking with her face-to-face” bit, that also helps – really. Texting is not very romantic – at all…

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