How can i keep a conversation with a girl last longer?

Question by Liam Gleeson: How can i keep a conversation with a girl last longer?
There is this girl at school. we like each other and we both know that. we will text each other till like the morning and we call each other and are great friends. but when we talk at school we don’t talk about anything. we may have short conversations but that’s it. i usually play guitar near her while she reads cause it keeps her relaxed and calm. but we just don’t talk. what can i do to make sure the conversation lasts

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Answer by sure
why waste your time talking when you can just make out with her?
i mean, you both like each other…

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  1. Ask her a question or two that requires more than a one or two word answer. Another idea would be to talk to her about something you know she’s interested in. People usually are more comfortable talking about something they like.

  2. You should talk to her in person what you guys talk about when you’re texting, like;

    Asking how’s her day is going?
    What book is she reading?
    Does she like it?
    How’s school,work, etc?
    Talk about a movie you’ve seen or ask her what she watches.
    Or television
    Or a music she’s listening to.

    Hope this helps.

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