How can I intiate flirting over text with this girl?

Question by That Thing: How can I intiate flirting over text with this girl?
There’s this girl who I think is interested in me who I’ve been texting for a while. I want to get the conversations to a more flirtatious subject but I don’t know how to start. How can initiate flirting smoothly and effectively with this girl over text. Thanks for your opinions.

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Answer by blah
first jokes. laughter is an open door to everything!

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  1. Tease her if you notice she does something a lot in her texting. Like use an emoticon a lot like a 🙂 or :p or if she says a certain word a lot. Just point it our and tease her in a friendly way about it. Works everytime.

  2. ok first of all. shes texting bc she likes u. if ur thinkin it…. its there. second….u shouldnt be asking this! girls want men who take control!
    shes prob waiting for u to iniate flirting especially if shes extra with the smileys and lol (but some girls just do that)

    ….start a convo leading into sex looks cheaters or whatever …. something to open the door to saying a line like …….
    i cannt believe douchebag cheated on sandra bullock… or somethin in the news like that…. and add u know ur beautiful right and if u were my girl id never do that

    if thats too strong just say ….. can i take u to the movies (scary or funny)

    or if she buys a new outfit…. text and say i just had to let u know u looked amazing today (think this ones the winner lol)

  3. ask her if she likes you, cuz yu herd a rumor flying around that said she did. tell her please be honest, i’m okay with it either way and if i find out later that you weren’t honest, i will never talk to you again.
    you can still talk to her after that, it’s just to make her tell the truth.

  4. Send lots of smileys 🙂 😛 😀 xD xP …you know all different kinds. And if she doesnt send them back your way…well not sure.. haha but i know i would be sending smileys back to a guy i liked. 🙂

  5. jokes, just showing that your caring is nice. message her early in the morning with something like ‘good morning beautiful, text when youre awake’ something like that saying have a nice day etc.if shes going out somewhere always text ask her if she had a good time, etc, i know this isnt really flirting but this builds alot of trust into a future relationship.

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