How can I get girl to talk to me?

Question by Juan Jamal: How can I get girl to talk to me?
I text this girl I like everyday and she likes me but she barely ever texts me anymore. I wanna ask her out once school is over. How could I get her attention and get her to talk to me more often?

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Answer by It’s Time to Scream!
sorry but it’s too late. try next year

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  1. Well, spencer, just go for it man. Ask her out on a date. be yourself. You go to make her laugh and feel really relaxed around you. take her somewhere fun. do something exciting. Go on a picnic, take her to a park or museum. try not too be cliche like dinner and a movie. you can always do that later. you need a good first impression. respect her, but don’t be afraid to playfully bust on her. she’ll feel more relaxed around you this way, and won’t feel patronized.

    if things go well, spence, she’ll talk to you. she’ll text you all the time mate so don’t sweat it.

    Good luck, man

  2. Have polite conversations with her about things she likes and the things you have in common. Also, try to sit near each other at lunch.

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