How can i get a girl to talk dirty on the phone?

Question by jamesbond420: How can i get a girl to talk dirty on the phone?
ive been texting this girl for a while and i wanna make things sexual. what are some tips on getting the convo hot and sexy. ladies let me know wat works on you and gets u going?

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Answer by Zach G
pay her

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  1. Well if you guys are dating that it’s possible but if you are just being a pervert then it’s just laughable. Just tell her what you want and stop being dumb.

  2. just say “talk dirty to my babie”

    or lk turn anything she says into a dirty thing…lk
    her: whats up
    you: my dikc


  3. I’m trying hard to remember what was the line my ex used to use on my everytime he used to want have phone sex, I think it was “what are you doing right now” and it always worked, lol, try it!

  4. i think its the mood and not pushing us into doing it.

    talk dirty urself first and tell her how beautiful you think she is and i’m sure that 3 phone $ ex after that she’ll start doing the same to u

  5. usually girls like someone to start on flirting but in the right way not too loud and not low.
    so start with asking her about what she is wearing when she is at home at a late time

  6. Tell that the way you gonna treat her in bed is unique and that no one will do it better than you.When I used to talk on the phone with my boyfriend,late at night,he used to tell me that he will do to me this and that and tell me dirty words while talking to my ears very softly.and I liked it and I was doing the same but not dirty word to shock but the one who shows him that I was his.
    On the real it feels good to share those kind of stuff with your fiancée.

  7. good luck if you can talk her into it. you will have to use romance first you can not go straight to wham bam, you will have to visually set the scene and be very patient (ever hear the term foreplay) most woman need or want or demand foreplay. maybe you will get some female input good luck

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