How can I gain confidence to talk girls during school?

Question by Drjaydre: How can I gain confidence to talk girls during school?
I have a huge confidence problem I mean ive been called hott and all of that good stuff but its just seems hard for me to have any confidence with anything

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Answer by Enrique Perez
Just go up to a girl and start some sort of conversation
they are humans too, its not like they’re some sort of alien

if you ever want to ask a girl out just remember that the worst that could happen is her saying no

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  1. baby steps..
    don’t go up to them and just start flirting or they’ll think you’re a creep.
    start with small talk. make them laugh. talk about general stuff and then you should be pretty comfortable.

  2. girls are like a flower u only get one chance to make a good impression so, Wear nicer clothes and walk with pride.

  3. stop being scared simple, there is so many women out there if 1 or 2 reject u it does not mean anything, every1 has different taste and somebody’s gonna like you, but u’ll never know unless u try. wanna work on that get a job were u gotta talk to people like in a restaurant you’ll see your confidence go way up. don’t b a pussy just go 4 it, if u wanna get laid u gotta work 4 it

  4. yust go up to them and ask somthing abouth school and change the conversation to whatever you like or she likes and it should go automaticly yust don’t talk abouh geek stuff.. ok

  5. The confidence problem is with girls who you are attracted to, I can imagine you are confident speaking to girls who are your friends and girls you aren’t attracted to. So next time you get a chance to socialize with a girl you like, think of her as a friend or a future friend and not someone you want to date and have sex with.

  6. let me tell u bro that it takes time and practice. its not like it will just happen. you have to slowly start talking to girls, now im not saying to hit on them, but be friendly. this helps a lot. soon when you have done this alot, then you will know what to do if you want get a girlfriend.

    but if girls think your hot and they look at you. you have to reciprocate in some way such as smiling back. dont turn your head away because then they will be uninterested.

    IT TAKES PRACTICE. dont waste your time looking this stuff up on the web cuz even though you may learn about what to do, or learn, ITS 10X DIFFERENT IN THE REAL WORLD.

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