How can I force myself to tell my parents?

Question by Charles: How can I force myself to tell my parents?
I am about to tell my parents I am texting a girl I have never met. I met her a week ago after about 3 months of texting her. She is very nice. I am so scared. I need to tell them!

Best answer:

don’t do it. it’s a police sting

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  1. Sorry this might be a little long. First I have to ask you a question. You said you’ve never met her but then you said that you met her a week ago. That doesn’t make sense, sorry. But if you haven’t met her, I would tell your parents. It might be a stranger that you don’t know and it isn’t safe. If you have met her, I would still tell your parents. It’s important that they know who your friends are so they can just be a little more comfortable about you hanging out with her.

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