How can I be better at talking to girls?

Question by Grey: How can I be better at talking to girls?
I recently started college, but my problem is that I’m really not good at talking to girls! I really don’t know why– it’s like every time I have to chat with a girl, my voice becomes really low and I feel really nervous! I wish I was more able to talk to girls because I don’t even have any female friends at all except for one or two who are just on a “hi, bye” basis. How can I overcome this inhibition? Please help.

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First, RRELAX, and second, REALX

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  1. I actually just confronted this issue of mine recently. I Started college about a year ago. I talked to a couple of friends about it and they told me to just talk to this girl I think is really pretty. I was so incredibly nervous, yet excited, on the day I saw her. I just went up to her outside of class and introduced myself, then asked her something about the class. We had a short conversation, and then she had to leave and get ready for the rest of the day. (My mouth was getting pretty dry during the conversation, since I was really nervous, but I have been told many times that confidence is key, but I had never done anything like that, so I couldn’t really find the confidence). The whole thing didn’t go as I wanted, since I didn’t get a date right then and there, but that is asking quite a bit from the situation.

    What really helped me was the anticipation of the whole thing. I had been waiting for that moment for a while, and I didn’t want to let myself down by chickening out, so I just did it. After it was all done, I was really relieved, and having the experience kind of made me want to try it some more. It’s like riding a bike for the first time, you’re nervous because you don’t want to get hurt, but you’re excited to have fun. And after that first ride you just want to go again. I think once you get out there and do it once, your confidence will continue to grow.

    I’m sorry if all of that is jumbled, I keep replaying the whole scene in my head and I get excited haha. I guess to sum it up… just go out there, introduce yourself and start a conversation, then the next time you see them you can say hello, and the friendship can begin, and from there I’d say you can maybe get a date if things go well 🙂

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