How can become friends with girls, and talk to girls more?

Question by u_suck: How can become friends with girls, and talk to girls more?
I don’t want to engage in a relationship or anything, I just want to talk to more girls, I want to be friends with girls. I’m a very friendly person, and I’d like friends that are female. When I talk to girls, I get scared, because they might think that I have a crush on them. How can I make friends with females, without them getting the feeling that I have a crush on them?

I’m a 16 year old boy in high school by the way.

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Answer by Sarah H
Just start having small talkin during class then text them or message them on fb and just ask them to hang out

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  1. The answer is pretty simple. Be respectful and listen. Try talking to a few girls in various classes you share with them. Discuss the homework, ask for assistance in a subject you are having issues with, or just ask what they are planning to do over Christmas vacation. You don’t have to jump on the “I just wanna be friends” issue just be yourself and be confident. Teenage girls love confidence in a guy. They also respond well to people that listen to their problems and treat them like an equal. Don’t burp, fart or be vulgar in front of them and don’t talk about cars, sports and guy stuff. They don’t usually care.
    And remember that being shot down is no biggy because you aren’t looking for a date. A girl that shoots you down or tells you to go away is too rude to be a good friend anyway.

  2. Just go for it. It is ok even if she slaps you on the face for saying something. Leave her. It is an experience for not repeating it again

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