How can a guy ask a girl he barely knows out?

Question by chocl8bookworm: How can a guy ask a girl he barely knows out?
I met this freshman (I’m a sophomore) on the first day of school while standing in line and we exchanged phone numbers while waiting. We’ve had a total of three text conversations and now he says “he likes me and wants to go out with me”. I kindly told him no cuz I mean we barely know each other! Since I’ve only seen him in person for a couple of minutes I doubt I could even recognize him in a crowd. I mean how can a guy be so ready to date a girl he doesn’t know?

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Answer by ℓσveℓy Đesiяe ♥
He’s probably overly confident.

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  1. Do you like him? Because I know some freshmans only go out, talks to or likes to hang around higher grades people just to look cool and popular. I hope he’s not one of them. You might want to tel him the truth about you only knowing him not too long ago, and tell him you need more time. But if you think you’re ready and you felt something for him, then go for it.

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