Hold the Phone: Texting is the Dating Norm

Don’t Call, Text Me is better For Couples

The oldie but goodie song titled, “I Just Called to Say I Love You” is a classic in more ways than one. An article in the USA Today states that more couples text each other these days then bother with dialing the phone and making a call! Starting and maintaining relationships is commonly done via SMS texting these days.

Texting has changed the way relationships work in a lot of ways. Jefferson Graham who polled readers and staffers for the USA Today article and came up with some very surprising facts and figures with three simple questions he asked. Here are the questions:

1.) Would you call it quits via text?

2.) How often are you spending the day texting your significant other?

3.) What would happen to your relationship if you didn’t?

His results declared that texts are a huge part of relationships and romance. For both long distance and short distance romances, there are 20 texts or emails exchanges daily. Texting seems to be a staple in order to keep the romance alive!

Texting is also a way people get in to a relationship. Alicia Comanda, one of those polled, said that texting is much more appropriate than calling:

“If I were ever to give a guy my number after meeting after a night out or through friends, he would text me,” said Comanda. “I could not imagine a man calling me to chat.”

 Texting is just easier!

But as much as it is easier to break the ice and start up a conversation via the cell phone, it is also easier for some to end it that way too.

No matter if you are for or against having text messages be a part of your relationship, the process is firmly here to stay. Sending a text is faster than a phone conversation and it is more convenient than an email message in most cases.  So your best bet is to learn how to text with the best of them and be goor at how you do it.

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