Hey what are some tips for talking to girls in 8th grade?

Question by : Hey what are some tips for talking to girls in 8th grade?
Me and this girl both like each other but she cant date till high school but how should i talk to girls in general and to her.

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Answer by Jin Qi
How are you
You like school
What’s your fave show/band/music/hobby
We should hang out
What movies do you like


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  1. lol. talk to her like a best friend. tell her everything (girls like that. and belive it or not, we keep guys secrets better than we keep girls secrets) listen to her. compliemt her. act like your dating, but respect her space. just because its not official doesnt mean its not there ya know?

  2. Why cant she date until high school? If it because of her parents then it sounds like they are over protective and need to get a reality check on that their girl is growing up and NEEDS to explore relationships to grow and mature.

    You have two options here
    1. Become good friends with her, and make sure to always appear polite, friendly and helpful to her parents until they take it for granted that you are always around, then get their permission to ask her out.
    2. Ignore the parents wishes completely and just date her. However, this option means that if they find out they will be pissed and you should resort to option 1 and be nothing but polite and charming with them. They may forbid you from seeing her, but they cannot control her or you while at school.

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