Hes texting to another girl…?

Question by 😀: Hes texting to another girl…?
OK me and this guy have been seeing each other for like 3 weeks… and i like him. I messed up things.
This guy is always telling me that i act all “whatever” towards him that he doesn’t feel as if am interested(cause im not very flirty). Like 2 weeks ago he texted me saying “we should just be friends” ugh he confused me so i just agreed and told him” i guess”..

He texted me back and was mad hes all “fine whatever”…after that he hasn’t been texting me like before.. Like he used to send me a text every morning and now he doesn’t…2 days after that happened I text him asking him what was wrong and why he was acting all “whatever” towards me and he said “cuz you do” hes all “you act all uninterested” and I texted him and told him that i was interested and that i DID like him.

I thought that by me telling him i liked him he would feel better since hes always saying that i don’t….SO now he hasn’t been texting me! today he didn’t at all. Last week he texted “hey stranger” and we were texting but its not like before he hasnt texted me in 5 days… And i found out hes been texting a girl that i know who btw is ugly and a slut….what should i do i was starting to like him. Do just forget about him..?

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Answer by Dan
Forget about him, obviously there is nothing there and he is more interested in another girl. If you persist on this it will just end badly, no doubt in my mind.

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  1. yeah just forget him. Actually, as far as attraction goes, the best thing you could have done is NOT confess that you like him. That anger that he had towards you was the result of his attraction towards you. That anger and annoyance of your apparent indifference was actually a good thing. Now that you’ve confessed your feelings you’re no longer really a challenge for him. He knows he has you in the bag, and that’s why he’s not really bothering to text you back. He might still like you, but feels theres no rush to text you anymore since he knows you like him too. OR he just flat out lost interest when you told him you liked him and he moved on to this other girl.

  2. That guy is probably having an affair with another girl already. That`s why he is not texting you
    so frequently like before and it feels different. He even calls you “stranger“. What more do you need to realize it? To see him having sex with that girl right infront of you? Get a life…

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