Help texting this girl please?

Question by urepkj: Help texting this girl please?
So I got this girls number about a week and a half ago and we”ve been texting every da. I just over think things but the first 5 das or so all our texts were !!!’s and stuff like that, now onl once in a while texts are like that. She even texts me first half of the time too though hah I even asked her out and she said hell yeah! hah I think Im just over thinking things??? Also, how can i tell her i thinks shes cute in a smooth way when making plans to take her out?? THANKs!!!!!!

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Answer by Cody
Say things with confidence. Be yourself. Good luck.

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  1. um maybe she is just okay with not !!! lol um first off just be yourself 🙂 and tell her like “hmm, i really want to go out with this cute girl iv been talking to. Do you think she would be up to it?” just like that <3 and if she asks who, just be like "You, silly <3" haha good luck and have fun!

  2. It’ll be like that; when two people are interested in each other, they text/talk a lot. It’ll ide down after a while; but if you’re still interested, TEXT!
    Also, if you think she’s cute, etc. just say so, its the only smooth way. If you try to say it TV smooth, people will think that you’re just weird.

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