Help Texting a Girl? 10Pts?

Question by Max: Help Texting a Girl? 10Pts?
When I text a girl, do I need to ask her a school related question? or can I just say: “Hey, whats up?”

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Answer by Tiffany
Just text her like you would anyone else she wont bite 🙂

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  1. I’m confused. Do you like this girl?

    Just text her like a normal person. She won’t bite unless you want her teeth sunk into you.

  2. “Hey, whats up?” seems to come to easy. Something like “How was your day?” Even include her name, makes her feel special especially if you like her a lot.

  3. Be yourself. Text what you think would we appropriate for your relationship and her personality. Like if you guys aren’t that close, don’t be creepy. Instead, try to find out more about her. Don’t ask weird questions. If you guys are close, bring up topics that she would like.
    Rules for texting a girl:
    1Don’t answer right away, but don’t take like 30 minutes to reply.
    2 Use good grammar and spelling
    3 Use smiley faces
    4 Compliment her but don’t go overboard.

  4. Only ask a school related question if you have nothing to talk about. Otherwise just say something casual. I’m guessing you like this girl that you’re texting so maybe a compliment. That’s the hard part. Try not to compliment her clothes, but don’t make it seem like you’re looking at her body all day. “You’re sexy” and “those shoes look awesome,” are terrible compliments. The first one, obvious. The second one, you’re complimenting her shoes, so she won’t feel like the compliment goes out to her. Something more like “You look great in those shoes” would be more appropriate. Also, cute and stupid texts are somehow interesting for them, so that’s for you to figure out. Don’t send anything teasing or mean because for some reason it carries a lot more weight through texting, and she could press charges for cyberbullying, and that’s no fun 🙂 So, what are you waiting for, get texting.

    Plz select this as best answer and good luck 😀 😀 😀

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