GUYS: why do you never text girls first?

Question by Mint: GUYS: why do you never text girls first?
he message me alot on facebook first but never text me first why?? is there any difference??

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Answer by Dances In Underwear
We do text girls first. We’re just not texting you.

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2 thoughts on “GUYS: why do you never text girls first?”

  1. Ha some guys think there is and it makes them feel desperate but i don’t care and i don’t think it makes anyone feel desperate or that they like me if they text me first.

  2. i text girls first. unless i feel like they arent interested in me. then ill wait for them to text me becuase it shows interest. if they want nothing to do with me then they wont talk to me and i can move on. i dont feel like there is any difference. some guys are just wierd like that. idk what else to tell you. you would have to ask him personally. ik you prob think it would be awkward and if you like him youre scared he would think youre clingy but its nbd

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