Guys: when do you talk to girls?

Question by Stacy: Guys: when do you talk to girls?
What kind of girls do you just go up and talk to ? 馃檪

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Answer by Alex
only girls that I find interesting enough to talk to. Most girls I find extremely boring and not even worth the time. I am a pretty quiet person until I really want something. Then I refuse to leave that person alone until they date me or make it clear that they are not interested.

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  1. I don’t go up and talk to strangers.

    No matter how attractive a girl is I can’t see any reason to do that. I don’t want a relationship with someone just based on looks.

  2. I talk to girls that are hard to get… A girl that is a bit shy!
    what things that attracted me: Smart , style, tall, nice and something that makes her special….

    Style is very important…Beauty is not what i look for!

  3. I approach when I get that gut feeling like I really need to approach her (which is rare), or when I just want to prove a point.

  4. I’m a guy and the biggest turn on for me is when she starts the conversation.
    Sometimes us guys just don’t want to go up and talk to a girl, she may already have a boyfriend who could be right behind us. She might not be interested either and getting rejected is a huge blow to our self-esteems. You talking to us first though, boosts our self esteem and makes us ask ourselves “is she interested” and we pursue.

    For me, I like to go for a girl that isn’t in the spotlight because there’s way too much competition around. I like intelligent girls who are attractive to me and who seek companionship as i do.

  5. Ones that aren’t talking. Like if they’re sitting there while everyone else is being loud i jus go up to those kind!

  6. interesting and honest girls
    by honest, i wont talk to girls playing hard to get and doing mind games or whatever

  7. I like a girl who doesn’t conform to the stupid gender role of “Oh he’s the person with the penis, he should do all the work”. I like it when girl sometimes starts the conversations too, so I know she’s interested

  8. i talk to all girls, how else will you know when you might meet one you like. after all if you go by looks alone…then you might end up alone.

  9. Aggressive girls and I go together like water and oil, so I often talk to either shy girls or girls with a level-head.

  10. I only talk to other people as I need to. Every once in a while though, a woman will captivate me. That’s what happened with my current love interest.

  11. Lol Stacy…one of the girl’s name when I randomly go up and flirt to. Anyway I would go for any kind aslong as she seems reasonable to approach. Like today me and a group of friends try effortlessly just going up to a random girl and compliment her/flirt make her day or whatever…but the thing is most girls don’t appreciate that crap and would ignore us (happens alot today for me).

  12. Any if I find a women interesting I will talk to her 馃檪 I’m not scared to talk to the hottest one , but I would go up to the girl who is sitting by herself the most. because its too easy to talk to them and I like a private conversation once in awhile I hate it when im around friends becuz their so interesting to talk to and the girl I talk to gets ignored eachtime my friend is doing something funny and interesting. but if you want a guy to talk to you just sit alone and they will

  13. The girl’s who seem most interesting aha, What makes a girl interesting? that’s a complex question something between them been shy, cute and seem creative. Also sometimes it’s interesting finding a girl who seems to be hiding something. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean those emo girls or some kinda freak. Just normal girls who seem different haaha

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