Guys- What are you thinking when texting a girl late at night (or early morning)?

Question by upstateNY: Guys- What are you thinking when texting a girl late at night (or early morning)?
Would you text a girl late for just casual conversation or is there something else on your mind? Even when you aren’t drinking would you text a girl late to just say hey? Help me understand what’s going on in guys brains!

Would you consider texting another girl late at night as cheating on your girlfriend?
And we are adults and have admitted feelings for each other in the past.
I just need to know what guys think about in situations like this?!
I don’t know if cheating is the right word, but maybe thinking of someone else.

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Answer by Joe D
sex is always on a guys mind, but thats not all. and that is definately not cheating. could be just casual

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  1. i do it but a not a lot of texting. i want to chase the girl, not stalk her. i just say good night or good morning once in a while and after one response i don’t text back. im just letting her know im thinking about her. thats it. not trying to make her my girlfriend yet.

    so in your question if i text a girl at night, im thinking about her. nothing else nothing more.

    for you other question, NO ITS NOT CHEATING. some people text me for all kind of reasons. at all times of night.

    now if i text her “what are doing at 2 in the morning” that means i want to come over. casual convo is casual convo.

  2. “Would you consider texting another girl late at night as cheating on your girlfriend?”

    Hahaha, adults? Really?

    But if he’s said he has feelings for you and is texting you late at night, then…well, he still has feelings for you. Sorry to state the obvious, but that’s pretty much how it is. But if you’re BSing about the admitted feelings for eachother, then he may or may not.

  3. Sometimes its just to say hi or if you guys havent talked in a while. But if you have been talking for a while and he texts you at night,,,,then he likes you!

  4. I’m a teen so i’m always thinking about sex and about the only reason why i would text a girl that late at night is if i’m drunk or if i think its going to help me hit a home run

  5. i would text a chick at night for casual conversation i guess unless i was with somebody then i probably wouldnt cause im pretty sure she wouldnt like me texting some chick at night

  6. Honestly… I wouldnt say texting another women is cheating… But late at night in my opinion sounds like he had nothing better to do… like sleep! Sounds like he wanted some attention to me.

  7. I think it usually means he likes the girl. Therefore, she is on his mind and he feels like expressing it to her.
    Of course, some guys can text a girl who’s just a friend without liking her, but I feel that for the most part this means that he likes her.
    What he likes though is to be determined through interpretation of the conversation. Despite the norm, most guys actually are not sex freaks and genuinely like a specific girl because of her personally. Guys do want sex, but I think that quite often a guy likes a girl first, and then after really liking her, then becomes sexually attracted to her.
    Bottom line is, there is likely some sort of attraction level there.

  8. well, most teens sleep really late, and when they’re bored, we do things like that, or call other people, and that’s no cheating, in some cases, the person you text, or call, is because maybe they like you and thats why they pick you first, if they dont like you, then, you could be their best friend, or they know that you sleep late and that they can talk to you.
    oh well, i hope this answer your question.

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