Guys: Texting girls you like vs. girls who are just friends?

Question by Brianna: Guys: Texting girls you like vs. girls who are just friends?
Do you act differently when texting them? I have some guys who are strictly friends who respond to texts fairly quickly, within 5 minutes usually.
But then with the guy I like sometimes I don’t get a response for a few hours (but he always apologizes), and it usually takes him anywhere from 15-30 minutes to respond. Then occasionally I’ll get some responses within 10 minutes. And then our conversations usually drag on for half a day due to the long time between responses.. and I never get one worded answers, it’s a well thought out text. Do guys usually do this with girls they like or what? It keeps me on my toes when he doesn’t text back for a while..

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Answer by Mr. Handsome
Haha I used to do this to a girl(she’s my gf now)
Its because when she texts me, I don’t want to look desperate and reply immediately.
But sometimes I really can’t reply immediately because I’m doing something important.
But if she’s just my friend, I reply when I see it.

It’s like being fashionably late. 😀

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  1. Yes, I do text someone I like with full details and try to make it not short, to show i am interested in having a good coversation.

    With the time thing though, it could just be possible he is not glued on his phone, not everyone is.

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