GUYS: Texting Girls ? ; GIRLS: Texting Guys ?

Question by katt: GUYS: Texting Girls ? ; GIRLS: Texting Guys ?

When you guys respond with the shortest answer ever like “Oh” or “Ok” or “Yeah”, are you just not into the girl or are you bored with the conversation?

Also: If a guy dosen’t use a smily face, does it mean, that he is too lazy to make one, or what ?

In general, When you text a girl, What are some key things that you say that may possibley mean you like them?

Do you purposely wait forever to text back?



When you text a guy you like do you use “:)” ?
Do you wait a while to text back , or is it like a second ?

In general, What conversations do you guys have , like topics ?

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Answer by Evan
If the guy isnt in to you he wont try to make conversation
but if he says one word sentences that could just mean hes busy, texting other people, or he might not really want to text..

When guys dont use smiley faces… well ha idk.. i just use them to say that im happy sad or whatever..

If a guy likes you he will probably complement you on things such as your hair, clothes,how u look.. anything

if he waits forever to text back he might be doing something he might not tell you about?? or he could like you.

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