GUYS: How often do you send the first text to girls?

Question by Omifizzle: GUYS: How often do you send the first text to girls?
I have always wondered this. It would be a little weird to ask one of my friends. But how often do you do you send the first text. Im not a fan of texting and i rarely text people, the only time i do text is when someone texts me first. How often do you send the first text to a girl, or do girls send you the first text more often? (like give me a % of how often)
Its not a girl i am going out with, so wouldn’t it be weird saying whats up when she wakes up in the morning..?

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Answer by Paul O’donnell
To answer your question: 90% of the time.

useless info?
Thats because I text a “good morning” and the occasional “good morning, beautiful!” to the girl I like haha and that usually starts a day long conversation. Its not hard to hold one, but I much prefer calling myself :/ unfortunately minutes are limited 🙁

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6 thoughts on “GUYS: How often do you send the first text to girls?”

  1. I always have to send the text to the girls……….Girls seem to have a problem were they don’t have courage, I mean thats why most guys need to hitt on the girl.

  2. i’m not a guy, but i like it better when a guy texts me first, though sometimes i suck it up and text him first. so probably 85% of the time he texts me first?

  3. Well I’m not a guy, but I will tell you I much prefer the guy to text first !! It’s kinda the guys job in a way…cause its like how girls like guys making the first move.
    Not that you should always text her first, it’s totally okay for the girl to also, but I like the guy to the majority of the time. 🙂

  4. You’re pretty much always going to be sending the first text. Girls think that f you don’t text them first then you don’t like them or some bullshit, and it’s so easy to just send them a text you might as well.

  5. id rather the girl send me the text just because sometimes its weird to always send the text, but to tell ya the truth i usually send the text around 90% of the time

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