Guys: Do guys text girls back right away?

Question by Bunny Babe: Guys: Do guys text girls back right away?
Do guys text girls right away, if they are interested in them or do they ignore them also? I know when I’m interested in a guy I text them all the time and right away…but when I don’t like him I ignore him or take too long to text. Do guys do the same?

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Answer by Derick
Um well I’m never interesyed in girls

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  1. When I get a text message from everybody I reply to it immediately. Btw, check the forum you posted this in. Most of the guys here are gay including myself.

  2. Gender does not define how soon you text people back. I’m a girl, and I have a bad habit for never texting people back. My one friend who’s a guy texts me back every time I text him, and this other guy friend I have never checks his phone. Same with girl friends.

  3. I text right away if she takes to long I back off and get the clue that she is busy or not interested.

  4. I don’t think it matters if you’re male or female. Whenever I receive a message or text, ill try to text the person right away. Sometimes I can’t because I’m busy. Other times I dont have my phone on me. But most of the time if I’m not interested, I’ll usually tell the person I have to go due to some reason and I’ll talk to them later. So yea, if I was texting someone, I would want them to respond instead of ignoring them…would you want to be ignored?

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