Good texting topics for texting a hot girl that likes me?

Question by lol: Good texting topics for texting a hot girl that likes me?
I’m texting this girl i know that likes me, and i can get a topic at the beginning but it’s hard to keep it inflated sometimes and i need some more. Ideas?

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Answer by Oliver Ford
you will think of something well if your like me and I am random but do not stay on the same topic she will loss interest.

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  1. school, summer, movies, places you been too, food, sports or hobbies she and you are into, music, friends.
    soon you guys will be talking a lot.
    be confident.
    let it be smooth and natural.
    and later, if you want to start the flirting, do it. flirting can be a topic too. 😛

  2. heres a line that always works. “what u up to?”. she will tell u and then u make a 160 character story out of it. then you will get the ball rolling from there

  3. Ask her simple questions about herself. Like favorite color, flower, music. That should also lead to other topics of conversation.

  4. u could always ask her what her fav. food is and then whatever she says say something close like if u were textin me and i said mac n cheese u could say same! except i like scooby doo mac n cheese! 🙂 or ask what sports she plays and if ur really flirty take a pic of JUST ur boxers and say like my boxers and u can have a laugh about that… if u like her call her sweet things like cutie and once one of u has to stop textin say i love ya:)

  5. Say how’d you do this year, are you glad to see it go? What are doing for the summer ? Think we could grab a soda or something. Do you like to bike ride. What hobbies do you like.

  6. anything you both like- music wise, food wise, movies.. really anything.
    trust me, if she’s really into you, almost anything you say will be interesting to her.

    also, occasionally ask her about HER- but not more than maybe 5 questions, because that’s the point of creepy.

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