going to stop texting girl i like?

Question by Jose Pena: going to stop texting girl i like?
girl i like we have hanged out 4 times the past month and always texting. i told her i like her she said not sure does not want to ruin friendship. then friday we hanged for 8 hours and talked a lot and she was close to me entire night. except movie part i was just watching the movie. i can touch her stomach hair and play games and there is flirting. but i think im done texting her you think she will be mad are wont care. im the one who texts and she always responds. so ladies should i stop im on day 2 now .

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Answer by ♥ ∂σll ♥
Yup no relationship can continue one sided. You could continue in this way for some more days and then suddenly stop texting or talking to her. See how she reacts to this situation. Don’t become for granted to her.

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