Girls:Advice on Talking to Girls?

Question by Mr x 123: Girls:Advice on Talking to Girls?
I’m 19 years old and the last time I had a girlfriend was when I was 15

Before I turned 10 life was fun, I had a lot of good friends and everything was great, then my helper at school who was always kind to me died of Cancer and I got made fun oiut of because I cried in class. When I started Middle School all my so called friends said they didn’t like me anymore and they left me by myself, so i was by myself for Three years and when I was told I was going to be in a class with people I didn’t know at High School they all cheered.

School was a hard time for me and I never want to return to any of them, it knocked my confidence to 0 and everyone walked all over me, but I never got mad about it, once, I cried but never once got violent about it.

I never had trouble getting a girlfriend out of School and one or two girls said I was cute in School but my confidence got in the way of that. but I was inmature and stupid then, I did things without thinking them through and I hurt people with insults.

I was always told in School by teachers that I would get nowhere in life because I was quiet and people would say I was weird because I never spoke to anyone and told them how I felt. I felt so alone at times

I then found out I had Aspergers Sydrome and I couldn’t accept that i was different. I spent the next Three years getting over it accepting who I was. After a few years I decided to pursue a dream of mine and study Drama and I proved everyone at school wrong by earning a Distinction Star for my Final mark and earning 30 more points then anyone else on my course.

I’ve made allot of friends who like me for who I am and One even told me they’d miss me more then anyone else when they left college, that really touched me.

Now thats all over and done with, And i’m an Actor at college about to apply for University but I get really shy around girls now and I’m afraid I might never find my soulmate if I can’t talk to them.

What can I do to start a conversation with a Girl, Any advice will be appreciated.

I’ve been to the bottom of the mountain and I’m now climbing back up, I just hope I don’t lose my grip again

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Answer by Mikeluvsanime
:'( i know how it feels, i never had one though, so i get nervous when im around girls, if you like someone, get to know them, ask bout them, see what they like, dont be like a puppy being to clingy and just try, either that or a chat site

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  1. First – DONT BE SHY!
    Second – When you talk to girls be your self!
    Third – Dont try to act cool, or sporty or smart if your known of those things
    Some girl may or may not like you, but there will always be a girl out there how loves you from a distance.
    Fourth – Be confident, go up to girls how you might have a common interest with, dont go up to girls that you no nothing about cause your going to be even more shy, and make a fool out of yourself ( srry that was mean 🙁 )
    Fifth – When talking to a girl enjoy it, dont just act like your having fun


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