Girls, why would you stop texting a guy?

Question by Knicker Bocker: Girls, why would you stop texting a guy?
We have flirted a lot and texted into the early morning. In fact we texted all during Christmas and we hug at school. We mutually start convos and she starts a lot of them. But recently she just stopped texting as fun. I haven’t changed my approach to our texting but she almost never replies now or if she does it’s a max 3 text then done. She always talks to me in class and shouts my name across campus to talk to her. It’s been 3 weeks since we had our old good texting convos and we still talk less in person but still a good amount. So girls why would you randomly stop texting a guy if you did all those other things?

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Answer by Stupid
its not just girls. Guys to this ALOT too.

But shes probably tired of texting. I know when i text someone all day everyday, it gets boring and ill just barley text for about 3-4 weeks

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  1. Endless texting is like jerking off and never quite finishing, fun for a while but wholly disappointing long term. Maybe try online chat rooms if you like the whole romance of text.

    Are you sure she’s even given you the right number, it could be a 45yr old dude from Craigslist, just sayin.

  2. …the guy is getting serious on me and i’m not up to the same speed. i wouldnt want to lead him on if i know he likes me…so then i’d stop. if she has a boyfriend or likes somebody else, it could mean she feels like she’s being unfaithful.she might like you and is shying away…the possibilities list goes on.

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