Girls what do you like to text guys about?

Question by Ryan: Girls what do you like to text guys about?
I’m 15 and was wondering what things girls like to text about with guys. For instance, would it be ok if I just randomly said I like oranges and talked about oranges, or do you like personal stuff, or something else?

Also do you wait for the guy to text you first or do you text him first more often, especially with a guy you like? Thanks!

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Answer by Bayb33
You can text him first, or him text u it doesnt matter, and talk about anything that intrests you

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  1. “Texting” over 6 texts per year should be illegal, in my opinion. It is dumb. I also don’t even think that people under a certain age should have computers or cell phones.

  2. Girls tend to wait for guys to txt them first.
    Oranges..Boring!! ( no offence )
    Say a joke or something.
    Unless the girl hate jokes, don’t say anything about jokes.

  3. With a guy that I like, I like it when he texts me first because it lets me know that he was thinking of me(: I like when they text me first more often, but sometimes I text guys first. I don’t like to ALWAYS be the one to start a conversation, though. And I like talking about anything, haha. As long as he does not send one word responses and be all boring and dry about topics, almost any subject is okay(: Haha. I’m a pretty outgoing person and I love talking to people. I am not picky as to what we talk about.

    I’m 15 too.

  4. girls love it when you text them first. it shows your thinking about them and you want to talk to her. Personally i like more meaningful conversations rather than oranges.. but there is a time for everything. If i like the guy i would want to try and get to know him better and him do the same about me. (: hope this helps!

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