Girls: What boundaries do you set for your boyfriends interacting with the opposite sex?

Question by Someone: Girls: What boundaries do you set for your boyfriends interacting with the opposite sex?
Like would you be okay with it if he “platonically” went and “hung out” one on one with another girl his age

do you allow him to text other straight girls (for social purposes)

just basically do you allow him to have “female friends”?

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Answer by -•ЯebeccαΛnn♥•-
yeah.. but depends like he’s got aa friend whos a girl but she’s a tomboy and i no for a fact he doesnt like her like that.. but id get really jelous if he startd just talking to random girls.

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  1. Of course I allow my boyfriend to have female friends! Well, I don’t allow him- I’m not his keeper- but I don’t mind it. I have male friends after all.

    A relationship is built on trust after all, and if I can’t trust him to just ‘hang out’ with girls, then I obviously don’t trust him, do I?

  2. i dont really mind if he has other girls as friends
    but the boundaries would be hanging out with them like every weekend, doing stuff with her behind my back, and any body contact whatsoever!

  3. It’s all about trust. This is a tough one in a new relationship. It’s imporant you talk to him about this. Let him know that you want him to have all the friend he wants, you don’t want to control him, you just can get jealous sometimes.
    Or, make sure you’re allowed to come along if you wanted to. If he doesn’t mind if you hang out with him and another friend, then it’s all good. So long as he wants to hang out with you the most, he has to be allowed other friends. Get to know his friends too, and then it won’t be as awkward.

  4. he doesnt talk to other girls…just like he doesnt want mi talking to other guys…i know how girls can be and i trust him completly just not other girls esspeacialy where i live at….she may say shes just likes him as a firned but alot of girls just dotn hang out with guys cause they wanna be “friends”…mi and him just like hanin out with eachother we dont need to be with other people all like that…and theres no drama either which is always if you like the drama let him chill with girls if not then avoid it cause most of the time it brings problems..its not that we control eachother but we like eachothers company better then mi with a guy and him with a girl…i just dont see the need for mi to call and be with another man if i have a man…and he doesnt see the need to be with other girls if he has mi..when your single its fine but when your with someone may start out fine but always ends badly

  5. I don’t really “set boundaries” for him. But me and him have talked about what we think is appropriate and not appropriate with the opposite sex for each of us.

    He doesn’t think it’s appropriate to go hang out one on one with another female whether it’s just platonic or not. He thinks that’s very date like and he said he wouldn’t do that. As for texting and emailing and such goes, he has a few friends from growing up that he randomly will talk to here and then, but it’s not very often. I don’t have a problem with that. I think that if he were to constantly do this, or go behind my back to do these things, or be way too close to these females, then I would have some issues. But luckily he doesn’t. So I don’t need to even worry about it because he’s a very honest guy.

    And I “allow” him to do anything he wants. I trust him. And I don’t own him. He is a big boy and can make his own decisions and he knows what is right and wrong.

  6. My boyfriends is very possessive and told me straight that he didn’t like that i text other guy and this made me feel really love that he would think that im special enough to make rules, then again i still text guys but its general chat and normally what to get him for his birthday or what things mean so its not like im cheating on him its like im trying to learn how he thinks.

    don’t have any ‘rules’ for who he texts but its because he doesn’t text other girls, or so he says, but if i knew he was wouldn’t be bothered as long at it was only for social purposes. and i would never let him meet another girl, not because don’t trust him, its about the girl he might meet instead 🙂

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