GIRLS…Read! Need Tips for talking to girls?

Question by Jacky91210: GIRLS…Read! Need Tips for talking to girls?
Girls… Can you give me advice on how to talk to girls at my local swimming pool? I need tips on how to start a conversation with one. How to follow through… and get a number or something…..uh i got a good body but need advice and i lack confidence. An example of how to start a conversation is GREAT! serious answers please………
YES i am 14 years old, i just get nervous on approaching girls :[

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  1. well i always like it when a guy will come up to me and compliment me.

    so thats a start, and then u could ask her how her day is going, and if she lives around that area,
    what school she goes to.. and then casually bring up the question do u have a bf? and then if she doesn’t she may just whip out her number for u.

    good luck!

  2. Umm hey im_____________ i saw you over here and i think i you are really pretty and i was wonder ing if mabey we could hang out sometime.

    sure umm im______________.

    so where do u go to school? …………

  3. ok i dont know how old you are but im 14 and im gonna tell you what i wouldd want a boy to tell me.

    hey, would you like me to push you in.

    i think its flirty, if she doesnt take it the wrong way. be confident it took me forever to finally text my crush but it felt great when i did it. talk to your friends about it, when i pressed send on my phone my friend took it from me long enough for the messege to go through so i couldn t take it back.

  4. well first pick one u think is cool and pretty, then say something like hey are you new around here? then if yes welcom her if no then say oh I have never seen you around before, then start with hi my name is Blah blah or whatever your name is and then she will say hers so there is some good advice.

  5. Well you just go up to her and strike up a conversation Hello! Is a big step be yourself and give plenty smiles and charm and always make sure eye contact…also girls like it when you take interest in them ask there dislikes/likes, hobbies, schooling that sort of stuff…..Go with the flow and remember cause one may not say Yes doesnt mean there all gonna say no

  6. Oh! I love this question! Okay, if you see a bunch of girls together, don’t go up to ALL of them at once. Just go up to one, and like the other answer-ers said, be yourself.
    Tell her that she’s pretty. Maybe wink at her. That’s what won me over… 🙂

    Good luck!

  7. Just be honest, smile often, stay casual and calm, look straight into her eyes (it reflects confidence), and use humor to the fullest extent.
    If you’ve never talked to a girl before, lead things off with a tasteful joke. Once she’s genuinely laughing you’ve won half the battle. The common advice to ‘be yourself’ stays true to its form. Don’t pretend to be anything or not. You want her to like you for who you are.
    On the other hand, you should treat her differently than just another schmuck. Listen to watch she has to say and talk whenever she isn’t so that there is never an awkward silence.
    Girls LOVE to talk about themselves. Ask her question about her life and she’ll be talking up a storm. The local pool is a great place to meet girls because they come there to have fun and are usually open to talking to new people.
    As long as you seem mature and relaxed, you can’t go wrong!

    good luck

  8. first go to her and say “hello are u new here cuz i have never seen u around here” then my name is ____ and of course she will tell u hers. then find out what she likes to do on her free time and if u guys have something in common then start there but when ever she is talking make sure u r paying attention gurl love it when guys pay attention to what they have to say. then kinda flirt but dont make it obvious.After that tell her how much fun u had talking to her and hanging out, tell her that u guys should hang out some other time. Be ur self dont be someone u are not just to get at her.

  9. Talking to girls is not easy, I will give you that much. It feels like if you blab they think your weird or a jerk and if you’re too quiet they think you aren’t assertive. I can’t give you exact advice because I don’t know what these girls like/dislike. You need to be kind, make eye-contact, and smile, but definitely not excessively. The major thing it sounds like you need to work on is your confidence. Confidence is key. I know is a corny sayng, but trust me, it’s true. Don’t be cocky or arrogant; girls hate that, but smile, have good posture, and talk with an air that says you’re proud of your accomplishments. Compliments are good, but many times, guys use WAY too many. One or two is good, unless she asks you what you think about something. ADVICE: Do not be honest until you are in a good serious relationship. Tell her what you know she wants to hear, but not in a cheesy way. If you want to start a conversation, say Hi, Hey, or What’s Up. NEVER, and I repeat NEVER say Hello. Sorry, but unless you are Dexter, that wont work. If you want a number, just hang out with her for a little while. If she’s rowdy, play something with her in the pool, and if not…well, just don’t (I’m sure you get it-lol) If things are going good, head out. Say you’ve got something to do. Casually remark before you leave that you’d like to hang sometime and ask her number OR OR OR (I would have underlined but i couldn’t-lol) ask her what she likes to do and pick AT LEAST two or three of the things she likes to and agree. Say you were planning to do one of those things later, and if she’d like to come along that’s great. Say you’ll give her a call later, and THEN ask her number (this one is recommended highly of course.) If you have some extra time, I’d like some advice on how to do the same with guys…If you don’t mind. (i’m kinda shy-but just in person-lol) Hope to chat soon….and good luck with those girls 😛

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