GirlS Opinion!!! How to know if a girl would like to end or continue a text conversation?

Question by Nikeballer: GirlS Opinion!!! How to know if a girl would like to end or continue a text conversation?
Girls,how would you like know if you’d like to end a conversation during texting or continuing texting. like do you just ignore the text or what. There’d this girl i really like and her freinds all say that she likes me but i just dont know how to like text her. and of course if i cant text, you guessed it , i dont have a pair enough to ask her out either, so can you guys help me out plz!!

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Answer by Kayleen
i always text K or Ya. one word. if she texts more than one word just assume shes into you.

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  1. if i wanna end something, but feel bad ignoring it, i either say kk, cool, nice, or make up an excuse why i have to go and say ttyl at the end

  2. dude just take every text as sexually as possible, if she does like you then this is a great strategy and if she doesn’t then it doesn’t really matter, its a win win situation

    also just keep replying back to her until she doesn’t reply back

  3. i always put ‘awesome?’ ‘….’ or just not text them but sometimes they might be doing something eles and not reply so don’t get sad or mad if it takes a while…

  4. Normally i just dont reply or if i do reply, i reply with a one word answer after everything they say. I think that you should maybe try calling her and see how that goes. Cuz if you really like this girl…you should make a movee !! Good luckk (:

  5. why cant you just ask her out? the worse she can say is “im sorry im busy”…if she wanted to keep texting you she would, if not she would say “hey i gotta go” or just ignore you

  6. Okay here’s my thing. If I repsond with the following: lol, yeah, ha, or haha, I’m either not interested or bored, either way, I want to end the convo.

    Also, look at their messgaes consecutively, sometimes if a girl doesn’t know what to say, she will start every text with lol or haha. It’s as simple as that. Short responses= not good.

  7. If she wants to continue, she will continue the convo, if she doesnt she may take longer to answer or just answer with a yea…or ok… or something short like that. Just start the text with hey what’s up I have no idea what girl wouldnt answer to that 🙂

  8. If she is trying to end the talk then sh would use short words or something like ya or ok and then later she will say g2g bye but if she wants to continue the talk she might say a lot so u no that she doesnt want to stop talking to u good luck!

  9. if she doesn’t wanna text you she’ll just ignore you or answer with one syllable and a period. And DONT get fooled, us girls say that we ignore everyones texts and she will give you examples of other guys shes ignoring and ask them in front of you but DONT fall for it

  10. biggest clue is how long the message is, under three characters & she definately wants to end the conversation (ie. “K” or “ya” or “no”) if she wrote a one word answer but took the time to write out the whole word she just might be preoccupied or not sure how to reply. Either that or she’s very into grammar (as i was with my texting, haha, i always did things fully out, never used “text lingo” haha)

  11. When i wanna stop talking to someone i sometimes ignore there text, make up an excuse, or i say ya or kk 2 times in a row. Be the First one to text her and Tell her goodnight and good morning and ask how her day was then she will get that you like her and she with start flirting and texting you more if she know you like her

  12. If i don’t want to text someone anymore, I just stop texting, and the next day if they ask why did I stop texting, I just say that I got in the shower last night, and I didn’t read the text message till the next morning. Or make up some lame excuse about how I have to go wash the dishes or something. And I’m guessing that your also asking how to start a conversation with her. Just do it like you were talking to another one of your friends. Just ask how she’s doing and stuff, and then talk about other people, and tell her one of your secrets to let her know that you trust her. But make sure you don’t get too deep into that ‘friendship’ thing. Then… That would just be a disaster.

  13. I think that you should just relax. If you like her you should nudge yourself just a little bit to text her and get to know her and see if you really like each other. Eventually you will feel comfortable around her and be able to ask her out.

  14. A lot of times the one-word answers mean we’re getting bored or doing other things, a good way to cut and run if that happens is to be like “Well I’ll just let you go, ttyl” If she wants to keep talking to you she’ll tell you. A good way to start it up would just be to text her “Hey, whts up?” or think of a question you can ask, and avoid the one word answers yourself, maybe it’s just me but that kind of annoys me.A good way to sort of indicate interest is to sort of put something (like a compliment or funny but suggestive line) out there and judge her reaction. Sorry for the crazy long answer, but I hope it helps, remember, confidence is what’s going to draw her in most.Good luck!

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