GIRLS: Is this a good plan for texting this girl?

Question by : GIRLS: Is this a good plan for texting this girl?
So I just texted this girl whom I am interested but not quite sure if she is interested in me cuz I got her number from a mutual friend. Our first convo was good but brief. How often should I text her to show I’m interested but not clingy. I was thinking I wait a week to text her again. My mistakes before with other girls was I texted every other day an was too clingy so it didn’t work (and that was with girls who liked me haha). So I thought I’d play it cool especially cuz I’m not sure if she is interested in me. What do you think? is this good or what should I do?

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Text her once a day if she starts opening up text her more

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  1. Okay first of all, if she doesn’t reply to you don’t text her again. Because me beingi a girl myself, we always talk about when guys over text us. She will think it’s weird. Instead of saying “Hey” or “What’s up” Just ask her questions once in a while like “do you know when this test is?” or “did you hear about blah blah blha” and then after like 5 minutes just stop texting her. And then she will wonder why you don’t want to talk to her. Then just wait till she texts you first..if she doesn;t. i’m sorry.

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