Girls How would you take this if I would have done it to you?

Question by Jim: Girls How would you take this if I would have done it to you?
Lately, I have been talking to some girl over texting. A girl who I have had for my classes but never paid attention to. I saw her in school the other day and there were like 20 girls there and I turned around and saw her and gave her a huge smile and walked up said hi. I barley even hug this girl that is how slow were taking it. Does this show I like her out of all the girls there she was the one I noticed?

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Answer by eminemlover
well you wwere happy to c her that might be u like her

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  1. I would take it that you know this person in a close way and decided to give her a hug to greet her. Nothing less, nothing more. Things like that happen all the time. I just take it as an indication of how well two people know each other/how much time they spend together. It’s a normal nice, friendly gesture. No big deal. People hug all the time.

  2. That always makes a girl feel special – try and do it more often! When she’s the one that you chose to say hi to out of the whole group it lets her know that she’s the only one there that you see. I know this sounds cheezy but it works: ask her if she wants to get together and study for an upcoming test or exam at your place. It’s a formal first date but it takes the pressure off since you have a set topic to talk about. Also just suck it up and ask her out for some coffee. And make sure to make eye contact and smile as much as possible, and ALWAYS say hello when you pass her in the hallways, girls love this

  3. yeah in a way…since u noticed her from the group..and only gave her the smile…it means u have something special for her..

    when a guy approaches a gal..she loves it…:)

  4. I would feel like your just a friend and were becoming good friends and thats all. You can get many mixed signals, like when I guy tells you your beautiful he doesn’t necessarily like you in a romantic way. You will have to flirt it up!! We love it .


    hope it helped 🙂

  5. Don’t be a weirdo…. If u like her make it known but don’t make it weird or too clingy. If she was around a bunch of other girls you should have at least acknowledged them. You probably already lost points there. Sorry dude.. Maybe next time.

  6. It’s like going into a room that’s dark and the spotlight is on that one person. So yes, you do like her. Ask her out already. 🙂

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