Girls how can I tell if a girl likes me?

Question by Ryan: Girls how can I tell if a girl likes me?
I’m 15 and was wondering what kinds of things you do when you like a guy? Also is it normal that I almost always start text conversations with this one girl I like, who might like me?

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Answer by Amanda
Well usually I talk to that person as much as possible to get to know them better. Also sometimes I stare but not always. Mostly trying to get their attention I guess and be extract nice
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  1. Well being a girl and all we usually look at the person we like a lot, some bite their lip when their around him or twril their hair, they stay away from them or act random or shy when their near the guy. And maybe you should let her start the conversationn becauseusuallyy that means they don’t feel or want to talk to that person. Good luck

  2. talk to her as much as you can! but if we like a guy we will try to talk to you whenever we get the chance. we stare at you, all love struck- like. if we are talking to you we stare at your lips. it’s not weird that you start the conversation! but if you want to get her to like you, talk to her. and LISTEN TO HER!! it’s a big turn off if you dont listen to a word she says. put smiley faces in your texts to her. write little notes to her in class. try to spend all the time you can with her!!!

  3. Well what I do is usually try to get there attention, find an excuse to talk to them, answer there texts right away, try to make the guy smile/laugh, drop small hints I like him (well I always ask who he likes and stuff) so yeahh.

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